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For Our Community

This past Sunday night we gathered for worship and to pray for our community.


One of our Community Leader guests, Frank Narducci - Chandler Unified School Superintendent asked us to pray for the wellness of each student, to pray for peace for the leaders of each school, and to pray for the graduates - that they would thrive as they take their next life-step. Frank and his family have weaved through The Grove story for years. When we first met in Santan K-8, Frank was the principal of the school; and his brother Anthony is now the Chairman of the Board at The Grove.


Mayor Kevin Hartke prayed the mayors in the East Valley and asked that we continue to pray for wisdom as he and others serve our cities.


Council Women Christine Ellis shared with us the need to pray for our community leaders by name.


Pastor Magdallena Schwartz and her team came to pray for those who are new to our country and thanked all of the volunteers from The Grove who serve in our refugee hosting ministry.


Thank you for all who joined us at this amazing event.


Please continue to pray for all of our community leaders.