At The Grove we are passionate about the arts and seek to integrate the arts into our worship and culture as much as we possibly can.  We serve a creative God, and being created in His image we feel we are also called to create.  


We have a thriving community of artists that meets regularly (our art group meets the first Monday of each month in the coffee shop at 6:30pm) and we seek to support them and to help them grow in their craft, and we also put on many different artistic functions throughout the year for our artists to use the gifts that God has given them.  If you’re an artist, we hope you feel at home at The Grove!



First Monday of Each Month, 6:30pm, Art Studio

Join other artists for a time of community, encouragement, and inspiration! This is also where our artists get plugged into the arts ministry at The Grove and where one would find out about galleries, classes, and other arts opportunities. Artists of all types are welcome!


Mondays, 6pm-9pm

Come hang out and create with other artists!  No agenda, just bring a piece to work on and come create with other artists.