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What to EXPECT:

This weekend is one filled with amazing new memories, friends, and meaningful times getting to know Jesus. We have our junior high worship team coming up to lead worship for the weekend, and Matt Richardson is coming up as our guest speaker! Camp is a time for students to dive into a relationship with Jesus, getting to know more about Him, about their faith, and get away from distractions down here in the Valley. The camp will also have a coffee shop open for hanging out, a gift shop for souvenirs, and outdoor recreation areas!   

What To Bring:

-Warm clothing (layers are important as the morning and night are cold and the afternoons can be warm)

-Sleeping bag, pillow, blankets

-Bible, Pen 

-Bathroom Supplies (shampoo, toothbrush/toothpaste, soap)



-Water Bottle

-$15-20 for dinner/lunch on our travel days Friday/Sunday 

-Extra money for coffee shop/gift shop/gas stations for snacks etc.



This year we are looking at all the different ‘threads’ of student’s lives that come together to create them. Our theme is WOVEN, looking at how we have different areas and things in our lives that God has brought together to create our lives. Ultimately, God is weaving together every detail to create something beautiful in us.


We have been attending Emmanuel Pines for over 8 years now with 5th/6th grade students. It is a blast for the students and an invaluable time spent with Jesus.


How do meals work?  

Kids will need money for dinner on the way there & lunch on the way back. At camp, it's buffet style 3 times/ day in their dining facility.


How do they get there? 

We are renting a charter bus and taking our church vans.


Are cell phones/electronic games allowed?  

Yes, but they will have to check them in with the cabin adult leader. They will have them at certain times to call home or take photos or during free time. However, we want them to enjoy camp without distractions. 


Can my child room with their friend? 

Students are allowed to pick rooms and roommates once they get up to camp.


Do we need volunteers? 

YES! We need a few parent leaders for the weekend. Email if interested.


Contact Info

Allie Cesmat | 602-670-0887 |


Emmanuel Pines | | 3000 Spence Springs Rd | 928-445-1509 |