Men's ministry




At the Grove, it is our desire to be a place that teaches men to become godly men. WE encourage them to make commitments that last a lifetime; to Jesus Christ, their families, and to one another. Our goal at the Grove is to provide men with the resources to develop Godly character and help equip them to influence their world for Jesus Christ.



  • To bring men into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • To invite men to join in Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and accountability.

  • To create a supportive environment that touches the lives of the entire church family.

  • To promote mentoring opportunities that lead to significant and deeper relationships.

  • To run events that will promote fellowship, outreach, and evangelism. 

“The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.”

1 John 2:17


Ironman Ministry Bible Study

Tuesdays, August 14-October 2 | JR High Room 

We'll begin a new format on Tuesday nights! We will still be meeting together in the Jr. High Room for the first part of the night, then we will be splitting into 2 groups with a couple of different options.

Study 1 is on the " Friendship" series by Kenny Luck. If you are new to the Grove or missed out on this series last Fall, we encourage all of our men to go through all 8 weeks of this series. We will be focusing on God's desire for us to connect with other Godly men.




Study 2 will be for those who completed Friendship are ready to "SOAR". We will be going through an 8 week series on the book SOAR, which will help us understand the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.






Wednesday, August 15th | Multipurpose Room

Guardrails. They're everywhere, whether we need them to be or not. The thing about guardrails is that we don't need them . . . until we do. And when we need one, it can be the difference between life and death.